Sr No Phase Specification
1 Bouldering wall as per International Standard Complete Set of Artificial Bouldering wall as per International standard. With Foundation, Stage, climbing surface, Overhead Covered Shade and Technical Equipments as per mentioned below
2 Height of the wall 4.5mtr from the provided stage and 5.5mtr from the ground.
4  width of wall 20mtr wide climbing surface.
5 Overhead shade size 20mtr x 5mtr over shade with Steel pipes and sheets. Should be covered compete wall and landing surface.
6 Foundation Foundation as per IS456 using TMT 8mm to 20mm & 20 grade concrete.
7 Structure As per IS 800 and IS 801 steel components & design with 5mm continues / intermediate weld. A steel structure and climbing wall complies with EN 12572. MS Steel frame structure used as a main structure
11 Climbing Surface Design 2D / Flat, FRP/GRP panels finished with epoxy resin and 6 layer of silica sand with provision of hold

(As per IFSC Specification)

12 Painting Epoxy painting should be done in three stages
13 Landing area length 20mtr x width 4.5mtr x height 1mtr from the ground stage should be covered by 30cm thick Landing mats
14 Technical Equipment As per copy attached
15 Numbers of climbers 5 Climbers at a time on climbing surface


Bouldering is a form of free climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls without the use of ropes or harnesses. While bouldering can be done without any equipment, most climbers use climbing shoes to help secure footholds, chalk to keep their hands dry and to provide a firmer grip, and bouldering mats to prevent injuries from falls. Unlike free solo climbing, which is also performed without ropes, bouldering problems (the sequence of moves that a climber performs to complete the climb) are usually less than 5 meters tall. Traverses, which are a form of boulder problem, require the climber to climb horizontally from one end to another. Artificial climbing walls allow boulderer to climb indoors in areas without natural boulders. In addition, bouldering competitions take place in both indoor and outdoor


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