An artificial climbing wall is a wall with multiple grips (holds), a mixture of fixed and movable, for hands and feet. Climbing wall is built for indoors and outdoors as well. Climbing walls are made using modern materials including fiber with holes drilled into the panels. These panels are generally 4 feet by 4 feet in size though it changes from case to case. The holes in the panel are used for fixing holds that are used as a grip by climbers and for fasteners that hold carabineers that are used for safety purpose.


The wall generally has a top belay, which is a rope passing from the top of the wall for safety of the climber along with a fastener on every panel for lead climbing. The holes in panel have a specially created t-nut to allow modular climbing holds to be screwed onto the wall. The wall is mostly rested on a strong metallic frame that keeps the panels in place and provides a sturdy support to the artificial climbing wall.


The climbing face of the wall is covered with textured products for easy grip of the climber. In addition to the movable holds, climbing walls often contain fixed surface structures in shapes of incuts and bulges.


Sr No Phase Specification
1 Artificial Lead and Speed Climbing Wall 15mtr Height, 6mtr width Lead Climbing Surface,  and 15mtr Height, 6mtr width Speed Climbing wall including Two Routes with Landing Area, Foundation, Overhead Roof, Complete Store, Material, Paint and Equipments. (as per IFSC Standard)
2 Height of the wall 15mtr
3 front side width of wall (Lead) 6mtr
4 Left and right side wall width 4mtr each side
5 Overhang 3.5mtr overhang for main wall
6 Foundation Foundation as per IS456 using TMT 8mm to 20mm & 20 grade concrete.
7 Structure As per IS 800 and IS 801 steel components & design with 5mm continues / intermediate weld. A steel structure and climbing wall complies with EN 12572. MS Steel frame structure used as a main structure
8 Climbing Surface Design 2D / Flat FRP/ GRP Panels
9 Top Anchors Four (4) Twin hanger chain protection anchor provide on top of the 15mtr wall
10 Lead Anchors Lead anchor will be provided on main wall as per requirement.
11 Rappelling Facility Rappelling Facility should be provided on side wall
12 Painting Epoxy painting should be done in three stages
13 Landing area Landing area should be covered by sand pit

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